Build Your Own Window Feeder for Summer Bird Watching

a look at a completed bird feeder attached to a home window for easy relaxing viewing
(StatePoint)There are very few things more relaxing than the amazing sight and sound of birds. A 2022 study even uncovered profound mental health benefits to birdwatching, including stress relief. But how do you go about bringing some of this outdoor zen to your kitchen or living room? The answer is simple: a DIY window bird feeder.

“With a window bird feeder, you’ll create a fascinating view of feathered friends going about their daily routines, great educational opportunities, family bonding moments and even a little fun for your indoor pets,” says Jamie Briggs, director of marketing at Exmark, a leading manufacturer of lawn care equipment.

Below are the tools, materials, and basic instructions for this “Done-in-a-Weekend-Project” from Exmark. Complete plans available at Exmark’s Backyard Life site at

Tools and Materials
• Drill
• Jigsaw
• Miter saw
• Speed square
• Brad nailer
• Sand paper
• Tape measure
• Wood glue
• Pencil
• Paint or pre-conditioner and stain
• Ear and eye protection
• Dust mask
• 1-1 1/2-inch brad nails
• (4) suction cups
• Landscape fabric (optional)
• (1) 1-inch x 8-inch x 3-foot pine board
(2) 1-inch x 4-inch x 3-foot pine boards
(1) 1-inch x 2-inch x 3-foot pine board

Build Steps
1. Cut boards to length, according to the cut list (downloadable on the Exmark site).
2. Measure the angles to form the roof peak.
3. Trace a window shape in board A and use a jigsaw to cut out the window hole.
4. Secure the tray using brad nails. Use wood glue along the seams.
5. Attach the roof boards using nails and glue.
6. Drill holes that match the diameter and depth of the suction cups. Fill them with glue and insert the suction cups.
7. Sand the feeder’s edges.
8. Apply paint or preconditioner and stain of your choice. Finish off with a sealer.
9. Line the interior of the tray with landscape fabric.
To view the video tutorial and download the full build plans, visit Exmark’s Backyard Life site at, a multimedia destination that provides homeowners with everything from grilling tips and design projects to gardening and lawn care advice.