Seek design inspirations when updating your home

(StatePoint) Whether you have a traditionally styled interior or your home sports more contemporary décor, you can stay on top of design trends when refreshing your home’s look.
“Homeowners today are seeking inspiration in regional styles and designs,” says acclaimed designer, Eric Cohler, who has been listed as a top international designer by House Beautiful and Elle Décor magazines. “You don’t have to live in a certain area to catch its vibe.”

From flooring and wall paper to accents like textiles and cabinetry hardware, keeping up with this trend doesn’t have to be a time consuming, laborious or expensive endeavor.

Big Impact.
Flooring can make a big impact and can complement the regional look you’re hoping to achieve. For example, consider giving your home an ocean-kissed look with Coastal Living Laminate Flooring. Or opt for a country, rustic feel with handscraped floors created by Amish craftsmen. Persian or Oriental style rugs can give your home a more exotic, eastern flair.

Small Touches
“With relatively little effort, you can update your look by swapping out the knobs and handles on your cabinets, credenzas and other furniture,” says Cohler.

Implementing your vision with the right hardware doesn’t have to be a confusing process. Narrow your search by checking out curated collections of hardware to help homeowners identify hardware that resonates with their own home décor.

By keeping two sets of cabinet hardware on hand, you can keep the look fresh in your home with just a screwdriver and an afternoon.

Coordinated Look
While you shouldn’t be afraid to fuse classical and contemporary looks, don’t forget to complement the big picture items such as wallpaper and flooring with other design elements, like lighting, wall hangings, cabinet hardware and artwork. Many retailers offer design resources to help you execute whole-home coordination as you turn your vision into a reality.

Spooky Maze
Empty the garage and set up walls to create two to three scary scenes. If your garage isn’t big enough, start the attraction inside and have it exit into the backyard graveyard. Start by sketching a design. You can build simple walls from plywood or drywall. For the old rotting look, cut odd shapes into the walls and screw in thin slats of wood behind the cut out holes. For best results, cake on plaster between the slats, then use raised wallpaper for the rest. Paint the entire wall one color and add some watered down black paint for an aged look.

Eerie Effects
Spooky sounds, special effects and lighting make all the difference. Play a spooky soundtrack from a movie or find music online. Buy a couple of cheap skeleton speakers, available online for as low as $10. For home haunters on a budget, air cannons or any loud noise are great for scares. Create special effects with fog machines and air compressors. Finally, dress up in your spookiest costume and make your guests scream for candy!

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