May is National Pet Month: Tips to save on pet care

(StatePoint) While pets deserve your love every month of the year, National Pet Month, celebrated in May, is a great time to go the extra mile.
Owners care for your pet
Spoiling your furry friends doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny.

Although it may be tempting to drop your pet off at a professional groomer to be bathed and brushed, you can save a fortune by doing it yourself. Set aside a time each week or month to bathe, brush and pamper your pet. You can even get the kids involved! Your pet will love the extra attention, and you will love the savings.

Watch What They Eat

It’s important to find a food that works for your pet’s dietary needs and falls within your budget. You can also save money on pet food by following label instructions on food packaging and not over-feeding pets. With a proper and balanced diet, you can help keep your pet healthier and happier, and spend less in the process.

Quality Time

The most important bond between pets and owners is quality time and love. Spending at least a small part of your day exercising and playing with your pets means the world to them and is a great stress reliever for you. Plus, it doesn’t cost a cent to shower your pet with affection!

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