Gift ideas for the health conscious

(StatePoint) You got enough on your mind during the holiday season: the stress of spending more money than you have and crowded calendars can affect almost anyone’s well-being. So...... why not use the holidays to give the most important gift of all.... Health.

The Gift of Fitness
Whether buying for a fitness buff or a beginner, options abound. Exercise balls, kettlebells and resistance bands are inexpensive gifts that can help budding fitness gurus build their home gyms. If the DIY option isn’t right for the person you have in mind, try a prepaid gym membership, trainer session or package of yoga classes. Losing weight is the most popular New Year’s resolution, so spread the health.

Healthy Tech
Many health enthusiasts like to monitor their progress and chart their results. These days, there are a number of gadgets that can help keep track of your fitness and dietary goals. From wristbands that log daily activity to wireless heart monitors and interval timers, technology can supercharge any regimen.

Culinary Inspiration
Whether you’re shopping for a vegetarian, a Paleo enthusiast, or just someone looking to build a healthier kitchen, culinary gifts are always a sure bet. Healthy cookbooks and kitchenware will help them stick to their healthy habits, and you might even get a delicious meal in the bargain.

Charitable Donations
Donating to a health- promoting charity on another person’s behalf can be a great way to support his or her health-conscious cause.  Giving Tuesday is December 2 – a nationwide event that marks the perfect time for such a gesture.

If you’re looking for a unique way to give back, check out Action for Healthy Kids, an organization that works to make schools healthier places for kids to learn. In its online gift catalog, you’ll find a host of charitable options, scaled to fit almost any budget. From a physical activity classroom kit to school breakfast for a child for the entire year (students who eat school breakfast score 17.5 percent higher on standardized math tests), Action for Healthy Kids provides an easy way to make an impact with healthy gifts.

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