Looking for a better shave?

(StatePoint) Your shaving technique has likely improved since your first shave, still it doesn’t hurt to learn a few tricks of the trade to ensure you are always getting the best shave possible.

Facial hair styles are always changing and grooming tools are constantly being updated; but there are a few fundamental tips every guy should know to get a better shave.

Electric Shave
Electric shavers have evolved and are now capable of helping men achieve maximum closeness and comfort when shaving. With certain brands introducing innovative features such as sensors that monitor beard density to adjust cutting power, and the ability to use both dry or in the shower, more men are going electric.

If you do use a foil shaver, keep in mind that long term performance is contingent on proper maintenance. Make sure to clean electric razors after every use to ensure your next shave is free of bacteria and mold.

Also, don’t forget to replace the outer foil and the inner blades about once a year, depending on daily usage, to maintain a superior cutting performance from your shaver. Once you find yourself pressing harder to get a decent shave, it is past time to replace the foil so you don’t irritate your skin.

A steady and confident hand and great shaving techniques are just part of the equation. When it comes to a great shave, maintaining your tools and replacing them when necessary are non-negotiable.

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